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The future of home building is here.
The majority of home buyers settle on purchasing existing homes because they don’t want to deal with the complexities of building a new home and they’re ultimately concerned about going way over their budget. Our mission is to convert home buyers into home builders by making the process of building a new home simple and enjoyable.
Our history
Built MVP home in Cold Spring
Summer 2019
Started Welcome Homes
April 2020
Raised $5.35M Seed Round
September 2020
Public launch with 25 properties
October 2020
Our team
Our team has founded and led large-scale technology companies in high-growth environments.

Alec Hartman

Co-Founder & CEO

Past: Co-Founder @DigitalOcean, CEO & Founder @NYTechDay, & Co-Founder @NYCDevShop. Techstars alum

Marc Hartman


Past: Head of Finance @RAMSA, Finance & Accounting @Coca-Cola

Jesse Mauro


Past: Co-Founder @DevWorksLab and @NYCDevShop

Mitch Wainer


Past: CMO & Co-Founder @DigitalOcean, CMO @Clubhouse, Techstars alum

Ben Uretsky


Past: @DigitalOcean CEO and Co-Founder, Techstars alum

Moisey Uretsky


Past: @DigitalOcean CPO and Co-Founder, Techstars alum

Christian Lopez

Director of Architectural Design

Past: RICE Architects, Genton, University of Western Australia

Heather Armel

Customer Experience Manager

Past: Led customer service teams at Geico, Gusto!, and a VR real estate startup

Eugene Kononenko

3D Artist

Past: An architect and 3d visualizer @Archimatica project group, interior designer @GUM, Moscow, graphic designer @Lemonlime advertising TTL agency, concept architect, interior designer @Marstefo, architectural visualizer @Modelfarm, freelance 3d artist

Alex Gomes

3D Artist & Modeler

Past: Senior concept designer @Shepard Exposition Services, Asst, New England operations manager @Willwork, Inc, exhibits designer @Czarnowski, Creative Director @Nexxtshow, Boston Architectural College

Gui Marcos

Architectural Designer / Drafter

Past: NYU Alumni

Jose Camacho


Past: Lead Software Engineer at @CoDN